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Correcting Duplicate Records

Duplicate records can cause a multitude of issues when they sit in the system unnoticed. Contacts and Candidates may get hit numerous times by the same email campaign. Contracts with companies may go unnoticed if they are uploaded to the lesser used record. Because of this, eliminating duplicate records when you come across them is important, and doing so is easy.

Step 1 – Identify the Records that you need to merge

When you recognize that the system has a duplicate in the system, perform a search using the Find button in Bullhorn and search for the Contact/Candidate/Company.

Step 2 – Choose which record will be the main/primary record

When you merge duplicate records, you must decide on a primary record and a secondary record. Certain information from the secondary record will transfer over to the primary record, while information on the primary record will remain intact.

Not all data will transfer when performing a merge. For this reason, your primary record should be the record with the most accurate information on it.

Note: If you need flip back and forth between records to determine which you want to be the primary, making use of the Pin button and pinning a record open can help a lot.

Step 3 – Merging the Records

Open the record that you wish to be the primary record, and then click the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu in the top right corner. Look for the ‘Merge Records’ button and click it.

You will then be prompted to fill in the secondary record that you wish to be merged into the primary record.

Fill in the second field with the secondary record. To do this, just begin typing the name or the ID # relevant to the secondary record that you want to merge, and it should detect the record you wish to use.

Please reference this Bullhorn page for additional information: