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Creating a Distribution List for an MMC

  1. Select the Contacts List from the Bullhorn Menu
  2. Clear all of your filters from previous searches. (Red clear button in the top right)

  3. Click on the Search Bar to the right of Contacts.

  4. Under 'Additional Criteria' you will select 3 filters and configure them:

    • Address - Choose Radius, Choose Mileage, and then enter a Zip Code
    • Business Type - Choose 'Include Any' and then select the Business Types that apply to the candidates.
    • Company Status - Choose 'Include Any' and choose 'Not on File'.

  5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to load all of the results (as you hit the bottom of the page it may load more results, keep scrolling until it stops doing this).

  6. Select the check mark on the left hand side to select all.
  7. Sort the list by company name and deselect any contacts that work for the same employer that the candidate currently works for (Very bad practice to pitch your candidate to their current employer). Also deselect contacts belonging to any companies that the candidate does not want to go to.

  8. In the top right, you'll see a blue button with the number of records selected on it (215 Selected, for example). Click this dropdown and choose 'Add to Distribution List'.

  9. Select New Distribution List

  10. Name the Distribution List; Best practice is to name it like so: “Date created Candidate’s Name Location
    • Ex: 1/16/21 John Smith Camarillo
    • Ex: 11/24/20 Amy Johnson Santa Barbara
  11. Read-Only prevents others from editing your list, usually we leave this off.
  12. The Type field pertains to the type of data in your list. Since this is a list of contacts, we choose Contact.
  13. Select Public for Visibility (Allows for other EPR employees to view)
  14. Click Save

  15. Upon successfully saving, a green bar should appear on your screen notifying you that the Distribution List was created successfully with the number of entries listed.