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Adding Contacts to Bullhorn

Note: If the company that the contact works for is not in Bullhorn already, then add the company record to Bullhorn first (see Adding Companies to Bullhorn).

To add a contact record to Bullhorn, navigate to the record that belongs to their company in Bullhorn, and in the top right corner click the actions dropdown and select: Add Contact

Adding contacts has less requirements than adding companies or candidates. These are people who we are working with to fill rolls in their companies, so unlike candidates, it is appropriate for us to contact them at work, and because of that, we can add any relevant contact methods that we come across for contacts.

Important Fields

  • Business Type – Pick the relevant industry that the contact works in. Generally, this will match the industry that is listed on the company’s record.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Status – Choose “New Lead”
  • Title – Choose appropriate title or choose “other”
  • Source – If it is a list provided by me, choose “referral” otherwise pick the appropriate option.
  • Company – Should auto fill but if it doesn’t start typing the company’s name. If it exists in the system, it should detect and auto populate. If the company does not exist, you must add it before adding the contact.
  • Email – Can be any email, just the best contact method for the contact. This will generally be a work email.
  • Phone – Add all relevant phone numbers. If this field auto populates, ensure that it’s the best contact method for this specific contact, and not a generic company number.
  • Address – The zip code is the most important field, however, attempting to fill in the City and State is ideal. This should auto populate from company profile.

Everything underneath the Address field can be ignored. Click Save.

Note: Generally, email addresses follow a set format for companies, and this can be used to guess email addresses you can’t find. If you can’t find an email address for John Smith from ABC Electric, but we have an email for Betty White from the same company, and it’s [email protected] then we can reasonably assume John’s email would be [email protected]