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Adding Companies to Bullhorn

Adding companies is an easy and straightforward process, however there are a few requirements associated with it.


Requirement #1
If a company has numerous locations, they will receive numerous records. Say ABC Electric has locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Then ABC Electric would receive 3 entries into our database:

- ABC Electric – Los Angeles, CA
- ABC Electric – San Francisco, CA
- ABC Electric – Seattle, WA

Additionally, we need to be able to differentiate between different divisions within a company. It isn’t uncommon for a company to cover Fire and Security, Electrical Contracting, and more, but have different hiring managers covering each division, each with their own unique set of instructions to submit candidates. Because of this, we create separate company records for different divisions within the same company:

- EPR Electric (Fire Alarm and Security)
- EPR Electric (Electrical Contractor)

Finally, every so often we come across companies with numerous industries AND locations, in which case we add industries and locations to the company’s name.

- EPR Electric (Fire Alarm and Security) – Los Angeles, CA
- EPR Electric (Fire Alarm and Security) – San Francisco, CA
- EPR Electric (Electrical Contractor) – Los Angeles, CA
- EPR Electric (Electrical Contractor) – San Francisco, CA

If potential duplicate is found, use existing company’s address, website, and contacts to determine if they are the same as company you want to add.

Requirement #2
Before adding a company, check if it already exists in Bullhorn. To do so, use the search bar at the top (Find button) and type the company’s name in.

• Check company name and variations ex) California Electric Co may be input as CEC or Cal Electric
• Also ensure that if a company already exists in Bullhorn, that it is not a different location than the company you are currently looking at. You may look for ABC Electric and see that it exists, but it may be that your ABC Electric is in Atlanta and the ABC Electric in the system is in New York. In this case create a new record for your ABC Electric and add a location to the name of the original ABC Electric record.

How to Add a Company to Bullhorn

On the top left of your Bullhorn Dashboard, click the 'Add' button with a + sign next to it and select "Company"

Important Fields

  • Company name – If the company has a single location, then add their full name listed on their website.
    • If the company has multiple locations and/or multiple industries, create numerous records as outlined in the first requirement above.
  • Business Type – Pick the industry or industries relevant to the company.
    • If the industries are vastly different, such as Electrical, Fire Suppression, and AV, then we would create separate entries for each to ensure the contacts we reach out to are relevant to the industry we want.
  • Status – Choose “Not on file” unless we have a signed contract with them. If the company is new to us, we will not have a contract on file with them.
  • Company Website – Paste the full URL the company website here.
  • Main Phone – This is not required but may be beneficial to have. Contact phone numbers are much more important.
  • Address – Always attempt to add the full company address, but city state and zip are the most important. Always type out the name of the state, do not use abbreviations.

Zip Code Map is an excellent resource to look up a zip code