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Adding Candidates to Bullhorn

Since we should always be able to market our candidates, it is important that when adding them to Bullhorn we are doing so alongside a resume. Without a resume, the candidate means very little to us. That being said, here are the approaches you would take to adding a candidate to Bullhorn.

Parsing Candidate Resumes to Bullhorn

From Email Attachment

  1. Open the email containing the attached resume in Outlook.
  2. Drag the attached resume from Outlook and drop it into the grey area on the left side of Bullhorn. Note: in the bottom portion of this area, you will see ‘Parse Resume’ written in blue.
  3. Bullhorn will then run a duplicate check, making checks on the Name, Email, Phone, and Work History to verify no duplicates exist in the system.
  4. If no duplicates exist, click Add in the bottom right corner.
  5. Bullhorn will automatically parse data into the relevant fields; however, Bullhorn is not perfect at this, it will make mistakes. You must verify the data placed into each field is accurate and matches what’s on the candidates resume.
  6. Ensure that all the important fields listed at the bottom of this document are filled in.

From Paper Resume

  1. Take a picture of the resume with your phone and email it to yourself or scan the resume into your computer using the scanners in the office.
  2. Do a search for the candidate in Bullhorn ("Find" button at the top).
    • If the candidate already exists, navigate to their record in Bullhorn. If they do not have a resume on record, or the resume that is on record is not as current as the one you have, drag and drop the resume (that you took a picture of or scanned in) and drop it into the candidate’s file section on Bullhorn.
    • If the candidate does not exist, proceed to step 3.
  3. Since the candidate does not exist, we need to create a record for them by hand. Click the add button at the top of Bullhorn, and click Candidate
  4. Fill in all the important fields listed at the end of this document by hand and click save.
  5. Go to the file section on the newly created candidate profile and drag and drop the resume (that you took a picture of or scanned in) and drop it into the candidate’s file section.

From Email Without an Attachment

From time to time when resumes are forwarded from CareerBuilder or Monster, the resume is not attached as a file, just the text from the resume is placed in the body of the email.

In this case, we want to take the Resume Template (“Resume_Template.docx”) that is in the same directory as this file and start filling in the relevant information. We are essentially creating a very rough and quick resume for the candidate ourselves.

Save this new resume as a copy (don’t lose your original template) and drag it into Bullhorn. You can now follow the steps from the “From Email Attachment” section above.

Important Fields for Adding Candidates

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Industry/Business Type – Must be filled in, remove the default “-“ value and pick appropriate value
  • Title – Not mandatory but adding a job title is ideal (CEO, Hiring Manager, Install Technician, etc)
  • Status – Set to New Lead
  • Source – Pick relevant source of the candidate
  • Email – Must be a personal email. If the email looks like a company email, do not add it. We do not want to reach out to candidates at their job.
  • Phone – Same as above, but tougher to verify. If you think the number may be an office/work line, do not add it.
  • Address – The zip code is the most critical field. State should be typed in fully and not abbreviated.

Everything underneath the Address field can be ignored.