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Adobe Sign Instructions

Link to Adobe Sign
Username: [email protected]
Password: Contact IT

Creating Agreements

  1. On the main page, select "Create Web Form".

  2. Name the web form.

  3. Click “Add me” to add an option for EPR to sign (skip this step for Offer Letters)

  4. Click “Add Files” and choose a contract template that will be saved on your computer.

    • You can also drag and drop a saved file
  5. Click “Preview and add signatures” then click next

  6. Add a text box and type company name in blank space at top of the agreement. This can be done by clicking the gray square with magnifying glass, top left, or by clicking and dragging box that says “text input” under data fields drop down. Once text box is in blank space, double click on box and a list of options will come up. In the default value type out the company name.

  7. Under signature fields on right hand sign, click and drag a signature field and place it in blank space for Client Signature

  8. Under Signer info fields, drag a separate field for Name, Date, and Title
  9. Change recipient to EPR and drag a signature and place in blank space for EPR Signature and drag and place a Date field

  10. Click Save; Page will redirect. The agreement is now created and you can share the link by clicking Copy Web Form URL